RT is hiring a Program Associate to help lead our after-school program at San Francisco International High School as well as match volunteers with newcomers (mainly from Latin America) for home-based tutoring and mentoring in San Francisco.

POSITION: SF Program Associate
TIME COMMITMENT: .80 FTE (32 hours per week with the possibility of full time in the future)
FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE: 10 - 6 / 10:30 - 6:30 / 11 – 7  (Monday meetings at SFIHS twice a month: 9 - 5)
SALARY: Depending on qualifications and experience. Note: we are currently hiring for 80% of full time.  
1) San Francisco International High School (SFIHS), 1050 York Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
2) Refugee Transitions main office, 870 Market Street, Suite 718, San Francisco, CA 94102
The Program Associate will spend at least 60% of his/her time at SFIHS, 1-2 mornings/week at RT's downtown office as well as 1-2 evenings per week in the community conducting home visits.

Responsibilities include:

1) Tutoring and Enrichment
+ Tutor youth with limited English skills in the after-school program at San Francisco International High School (after-school program runs 3:10 - 6:00 M, T, Th, F and 1:05 - 6:00 on W).

2) Administrative
+ Attend meetings with partners as needed; 
+ Maintain after-school program attendance in the Cityspan database;
+ Prepare weekly after-school program and home-based tutoring reports;

+ Assure accurate distribution and accounting of snacks; and
+ Submit all required documentation on a timely basis, including weekly attendance and daily snack count.

3) Development and Implementation
+ Assist in overseeing facility management, including attendance, snacks, custodial, classroom, security, safety, and transportation;
+ Assist Program Coordinator in management of after-school programs and events, including clubs, the peer and alumni tutor program, the youth council program, dances, special programming and volunteer trainings; and
+  Assure classrooms and other shared school space is well maintained and left as found.

4) Communication
+ Be directly supervised by the School Site Program Manager; and
+ Develop and maintain a high level of communication and positive relationships with principal, teachers, office staff, lunch clerks, custodians, and after-school staff.

1) Volunteer Support
+ Help Program Coordinator interview new volunteers;
+ Complete intakes for new students who would like to be matched with a volunteer for home-based tutoring/mentoring;
+ Act as a liaison between youth students, families, and RT;
+ Accompany volunteers to the homes of clients and introduce them to the families; and
+ Provide ongoing support and follow-up with all home-based volunteers/tutors.

2) Administrative
+ Attend meetings with partners as needed; 
+ Maintain client files and enter student/volunteer information in the agency's database; and
+ Help enter adult test results in the Department of Education database.  

3) Communication
+ Recruit and enroll select program participants in RT's home-based tutoring program.

Required Qualifications:
+ Bilingual in English & Spanish/bi-cultural/native speaker fluency; 
+ Ability to connect with newcomer youth (in particular high school age) as well as families (especially from Latin America), to build a supportive environment;
+ Strong facilitation skills;
+ Experience working with or personal connection to English language learners--adults or youth;
+ Must be outgoing and proactive in approaching and engaging students in the after-school program;
+ Must be very flexible and able to adapt to a changing environment!
+ Ability to work with youth of different cultural backgrounds;
+ Ability to work in collaboration with multiple stakeholders including staff, students, school administrators, and parent/guardians;
+ Completion of at least 2-3 years of undergraduate study (minimum of 48 units);
+ Strong writing and computer skills;
+ Commitment to preserving confidentiality, boundaries, and upholding mandated reporting responsibilities; and
+ Ability to work well independently and with minimal supervision.

+ From an immigrant family (preferably from Latin America);
+ In addition to Spanish, speak K'iche' or Mam;
+ Ability to tutor English language learners;
+ Experience working with adults, middle or high school age students in the U.S.;
+ Experience working in community-based education programs;
+ Familiarity with San Francisco Unified School District; 
+ Experience working with social service organizations and community service providers serving high-need newcomers and non-English speaking families.

Physical Abilities: Hearing and speaking to exchange information in person and on the telephone; seeing to read, sitting or standing for extended periods of time; dexterity of hands and fingers to operate a computer keyboard and other office equipment; kneeling, bending of the waist, and reaching overhead, above the shoulders and horizontally to retrieve and store files and supplies; and ability to carry approximately 15 pounds of food up a flight of stairs.

Special Requirements: Must be able to accept some evening hours for additional meetings/trainings/home visits. Must have transportation for home visits around San Francisco during evening hours.

Application procedure: Send your resume and brief cover letter (with your availability and compensation history) to jobs@reftrans.org and put in subject line: SF Program Associate.


AuthorAndrew Bogrand

RT is hiring a Coordinator of Volunteers and Academic Support Programs to coordinate its academic support services at Oakland International High School, a school serving youth who have been in the U.S. for 4 years or less.

POSITION: Coordinator of Volunteers and Academic Support Programs
TIME COMMITMENT: 1 FTE Monday – Friday 10:00-6:00 pm (with some early mornings, evenings and an occasional Saturday meeting). 10 month commitment with the possibility of continuing over the summer.
OFFICE LOCATION: Oakland International High School (the candidate will also be required to come in RT’s administrative office at least one time per month).

SALARY: Depending on qualifications and experience. Full health benefits included.
REPORTS TO: RT’s Executive Director. Community School Manager at OIHS and After-School Program Director will be points of contact at OIHS.


After-School Program Coordination:

- Work with RT and OIHS staff to design and implement an effective after-school tutoring program to take place 4 days a week (with support from community volunteers, peer tutors, alumni tutors, and instructional assistants) at Oakland International High School (OIHS); 
- Recruit, screen, and interview all volunteers;  
- Lead trainings for after-school tutoring program;
- Supervise, train, and maintain hours for peer tutors (high-achieving OIHS students) and OIHS alumni helping in the after-school tutoring program;
- Recommend students for home-based one-on-one tutoring (through RT);
- Plan educational games, activities, and field trips;
- Maintain attendance records for after-school tutoring program;

- Maintain weekly tutoring schedules for volunteer and paid tutors/instructional assistants; 
- Contribute to RT volunteer and staff listserv;
- Lead restorative justice/community building circles.

Daytime Program Coordination:

1) Coordinate Volunteer Program:
- Recruit volunteers;
- Maintain and cultivate new relationships with volunteer groups;
- Screen/interview all volunteers;
- Train and place school day and after-school volunteers;
- Organize quarterly volunteer days;
- Coordinate volunteer appreciation activities;
- Manage home-based tutoring waitlist;
- Act as an education resource for home-based tutors (as needed).

2) Coordinate Instructional Assistants (IAs):
- Meet weekly with IAs to provide ongoing Professional Development to support after-school program; 
- Maintain after-school schedules for IAs;
- Supervise IAs in after-school program

3) Other duties:
- Support office team as needed (ex. Student recruitment and orientation, open houses, registration, school events, post session etc.);
- Work with the Community Schools Manager to produce school newsletter (as needed);
- Attend Coordination of Services Team (COST) meetings (optional);
- Enter and track volunteers in RT’s database;

Program Evaluation:

- Evaluate success of tutoring program in collaboration with After-School Program Manager: track GPA, graduation rates, and on track for graduation rates for RT ASP attendees;
- Collect data and submit progress and monthly tutoring reports to partners/funders.


- At least a BA with 2 years relevant work in education/immigrant support services;
- Excellent leadership skills and group facilitation skills;
- Ability to connect with and experience working with high school age students (males in particular) who have experienced trauma;
- Past experience working in (preferably leading) after-school and/or community-based programs in the U.S.;
- Experience working with diverse populations with interrupted education and/or no formal education;
- Flexibility and ability to work well independently and with minimal supervision;
- Excellent communication, writing, and organizational skills;
- Critical thinker, team player, problem solver;
- MS Excel and database skills.


- From a refugee or immigrant family;
- Proficiency in another language (preferably Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Nepali, Amharic, or Tigrinya);
- Strong understanding of restorative practices/justice;
- Past experience working with and assessing students with disabilities;
- Ability to tutor (and train others to tutor) English language learners;
- Experience providing family support/case management;
- Experience working in Oakland Unified School District;
- Ability to accurately collect relevant data and report on student progress;
- Strong computer skills;
- Experience working with literacy level students.

PHYSICAL ABILITIES: Hearing and speaking to exchange information in person and on the telephone; seeing to read, prepare, and proofread documents; sitting or standing for extended periods of time; dexterity of hands and fingers to operate a computer keyboard and other office equipment; kneeling, bending of the waist, and reaching overhead, above the shoulders, and horizontally to retrieve and store files and supplies.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Must be willing to lead evening tutor trainings (approximately 1-2 evenings per month) and accept occasional weekend assignments.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Send your resume and cover letter to jobs@reftrans.org (subject line: Coordinator of Volunteers and Academic Support Programs).

AuthorAndrew Bogrand