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volunteer spotlight

"I love volunteering at SFIHS because it’s such a great group of kids."
- Lauren Nazario, RT Volunteer

Lauren is an after-school tutor at San Francisco International High School (SFIHS) and is always an enthusiastic and positive presence in the tutoring room. Thanks Lauren for being an exemplary volunteer!

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For detailed instructions on how to fill out your Log, click here

To fill out your monthly Volunteer Log, click here

As part of your service with Refugee Transitions, we ask that you fill out a monthly Volunteer Log to help us keep track of your student's progress. The Log is required, as specified in your Volunteer Contract. Volunteer Logs play a critical role in helping us track the successes of our students and report to funders. They not only allow us to serve our clients better, but also to support volunteers like yourself. We read each and every one! Logs provide a brief summary of the work you have accomplished with your student(s) during each calendar month. They are due on the last day of every month. (Example: Logs for November 1, 2009 – November 30, 2009 are due on November 30, 2009.)

Once you have been formally matched in our database, you will receive an email providing you with your Student ID.  Please save this email - you will need your Student ID each time you fill out your Log.

If you are matched with more than one student, you will receive a separate email with a unique Student ID for each individual with whom you are working. You can only enter one Student ID at a time when you access our Log entry system.  Thus, you will need to complete multiple Logs each month. If you work with several students at the same time, just divide the hours accordingly.


If you start tutoring other members of the family (such as additional siblings), please let us know so we can obtain the necessary student application forms and match you formally in our database. When you decide to retire from your service as a Literacy Coach, please let us know so we do not continue to send you Log reminders. This will also notify us to re-match your student with a new volunteer so that we can continue to support all individuals in need of Refugee Transitions' services. If you have any additional questions, please contact our office.