Here are some useful distance learning websites that our volunteers working with adults can share with their students. They can use them as a distance learning option and/or in conjunction with a lesson they're teaching. 

Free English Lessons for Pashto Speakers

These free English lessons are for people who speak Pashto (Pashtu). Zora Tokhi, RT volunteer, is a first-generation native Pashto (Pashtu) speaker who initially translated the materials. Final translations were done by professional translator Muska Malalai.

Putting English to Work Level 1 

Created by Los Angeles Unified School District; a useful resource for Beginning learners. Use as a distance learning option to supplement your tutoring sessions. Watch videos, practice grammar and life skills exercises on computers, tablets, and smartphones.  

English with Jennifer

An online resource for English language learners. Find YouTube playlists by JenniferESL, interactive exercises, study tips, and more.  

Goodwill Community Foundation

Known for Technology and Microsoft Office tutorials. GCF also offers tutorials in MathWork & CareerReading, and Everyday Life. Good on basic explanations of topics mentioned. More suited for Intermediate and Advanced English language learners. Tutor can also use the site as a reference point.

Fremont Adult School’s Integrated English Language Civics Education

Collection of resources and sample lessons on topics such as employment, banking, health, emergencies, and DMV.

Making It Real: Teaching Pre-Literate Adult Refugee Students

This book reviews some effective practices for teaching pre-literate adult refugees. It describes techniques and activities that support these practices. It is divided into sections on teaching speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Each of the sections on teaching language skills provides examples and descriptions of useful approaches, techniques, and activities. There is a checklist of language competencies that learners who are new to the language need to know, a section on teaching multi-level groups, and information on resources that teachers and service providers can use.

Basic English Teaching Tips

For adult students. Created by Dion Zizak, RT's Education Associate Manager and Language Instructor. 

The Spring Institute

The Spring Institute provides many useful teaching materials for working with literacy level students and resources for working with students who have experienced trauma.


The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly the INS) website has information about taking the citizenship exam, test questions, and online application and change of address forms.

Citizenship Preparation Resources for RT Tutors

PIE (Parent Involvement in Education) Reader

This reader is a life-skills course designed to teach both language and sociocultural skills needed by adult newcomers to help their children succeed in school.

Unit 1: Filling Out School Forms

Unit 2: Parent-Teacher Meetings

ERIC--Trauma and Adult Learning

This resource discusses individual responses to trauma, its effects on learning, and ways in which educators can respond. Published by Educational Resources Information Center.

Typing Club

Learn touch typing online using Typing Club's free typing courses. It includes 650 typing games, typing tests and videos. Great for youth and adults.

Quizlet and Tinycards

You can use these on a computer, but they work just as well as an app. They are helpful for both adults and youth. You can create flashcards where students can self-study, but initially they would need guidance in the beginning. Tutors could use these resources to reinforce practice during the time they don't see their students. 

Tip Sheets:

Refugee Transitions offers the following Tip Sheets to help you in your work with your student:

Computer Literacy Resources:

Here are several documents provided by the California Community College Chancellor's Office: Santa Ana College, School of Continuing Education. They contain helpful ideas and lesson plans for teaching various aspects of computer literacy. (Files are large, so download may take a minute).

Cultural Backgrounders

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