For more than 35 years, RT has been creating impactful community connections through education. One of the ways we do it is through home-based tutoring/mentoring, our original program (running since 1982!)

Meet Anandi, one of our 300 hard-working volunteers. Anandi has been tutoring in RT's home-based program for the past 8 years, with unwavering dedication and passion. She's worked with nine adult and youth students who have sought refuge in the U.S., from countries including DR Congo, China, and many others. With Anandi's encouragement and support, many of her students reached important milestones such as college, citizenship, or employment.

Anandi is very helpful. She is helping me to prepare for GED. I am so lucky to know her.
— Margaret, Anandi's Student

Pictured: Margaret (left) and Anandi

What made you want to become an RT volunteer tutor?

Ever since my college days, I have enjoyed tutoring. Everyone has a right to education, but that is being denied to women in many countries. When my son graduated from high school, my volunteering at schools came to an end. I found myself looking for a place to volunteer and I found RT to be the perfect place for my passion for helping women become literate and self-reliant.

What is one thing that you have done, that you're proud of?

Helping my student Margaret prepare for her citizenship exam. All the vocabulary was new to her. In addition, some concepts, such as "constitution," are difficult to grasp if one grew up in an authoritarian regime. But Margaret was very motivated and worked very hard. In less than a year, she knew answers to all 100 citizenship exam questions. I was so proud of her when she passed the exam. 

Is there something that your students have taught you?

Many of them have taught me resilience by sharing their experiences with me. Sometimes I learn something new about the history and culture of my student's country. For example, one day I learned about Nineveh, its history and its significance.

What is the best thing about being a tutor?

There are so many things I can think of. There is joy you feel when your student has accomplished something that will have a positive impact on her life. With some students, you develop relationships, and when you get treated like family, you feel moved.

In FY 2017-2018, we served a record 2,500 individuals of all ages and genders, who had sought refuge in the U.S. 381 students worked with home-based volunteers like Anandi. You can help us create these essential community connections.

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