Here is a roundup of RT's recent documentary films--please show them to your friends and family! 


Released in 2018, Languages of Hope explores the immigrant experience through the story of Santa, a multilingual mom and master weaver from Guatemala. Santa is part of the Mam indigenous group. She joined RT’s programs on her pathway to higher-level training and employment opportunities.


This Is Our Home features the personal narratives of RT's courageous, giving, and determined students and community leaders who are committed to changing our world for the better.


A Wish to Give Back: One Family's Journey to Community Leadership tells the story of a brave and generous family of community leaders who have made it a mission to help other newcomers. 


Follow Jyoti, Fatuma, and Win as they share their courage, determination, dreams, and talents with their new communities. More stories of newcomer youth here: Pursuing Dreams

AuthorAndrew Bogrand