I come from Guatemala a beautiful country with a lot of mountains where you can find a lot of water and you don’t have to pay for it like we do in this country but it also had bad things such as people killing each other. For example a few days ago some peoples kill a person in my town they cut his head take out his interior organs and then throw the rest of the body in a remote place. Also many peopledisappear and nobody knows what happened to them because there is not police officers in this area. The community send them out from this place because after they arrest some criminals they let them free as if they have not done nothing bad. Also I remember a time when on this place few persons were burned alive because they were doing bad thing on the community such as stole, extortions and other things.

A challenge that I have overcoming was to choose between doing bad things or do the right things because a few years ago I started to use drugs, drink alcohol, don’t attend school and stole thing from stores and other places but after many experiences in my life I realize that I was ending with my life because there is many leaders who had the control over this places and can easily kill you.

I overcome this challenge by escaping because if I stayed there for more time maybe now I could be a few meters under the soil and not writing and telling some parts of how my life was before I came to the United States. Someone who give me advices and who should be thankful was my older brother who disappear few time ago and who maybe is death now. He was the best person on the world who always help and protect me. I saw him like a second dad for me but after many obstacles in my life I start to dream again like when the sun is rising up showing a new being with new opportunities.

Now my dream is to study medicine and don’t stop now even though I don’t have support from my family especially from my parents that always demoralize me by telling me to quit the school and just get a job and work but I don’t have to listen them. I don’t have to give up now after I did many thing just to keep studying. But also my life is much more different here because most of the time I’m feel alone because my family is not here. Just my dad but to live with him is not easy for me because most of the time we are disagree with each other and have different issues and is not the best thing somebody could deserve in their life.

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AuthorRefugee Transitions