I’m coming from a hard working family. My parents are people that I admire. They always look out for their children to give them the necessary to live. When I was a little, I always wondered why none of us is attending college? Why we cannot continue with the school further? Even though my parents work so hard for us it wasn’t enough for us to attend school. Now I understand their situation. One timeI asked both of them if one day I will go to school if one day I was going to be a professional and I remembered them saying we cannot promise you anything but we don’t want to lying to you too but you know that we have more childrens than you and we can’t afford so then everyone could go so the answer is no…

When I was 16 years old I decided to immigrate to USA the reasons were looking for a new future for myself but also for my family. I’m from a poor family before coming to the USA. I couldn’t dream to have a better future to study because back home that’s how it is. Even though people dream with something that does not exist like opportunities, programs and support.

When I came here I couldn’t believe one of my dreams was coming true. I was attending school again after quit for 6 years before. But it wasn’t easy. I had to start again but with more challenges the big one English the new language. I said I didn’t born to study, school wasn’t made for me. That’s why my dad told us all to don’t lie to ourselves, to accept the true that we never will see a diploma that doesn’t matter, our effort always we will going to fall.

But here there is a lot of support people who believe in you that care about you even though they don’t know you. RT gave me a home tutor an awesome person. Since I started working with her my dreams come alive. RT gives support, hope and inspiration. The tutor help students like me approaching their dreams my entire life has been changing in a good way.

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