My name is N.N. I am from Africa Congo. I came to the USA on April 25, 2013. Three weeks after I arrived I went to elementary school. My teacher asked me to introduce myself. I was nervous. Later I made a friend named Emily at school. I thought she was pretty cool. A week later she was bored and tired of hanging out with me. So she just told me that she was sorry and that the friendship was not working out. I was sad. I thought Emily really wanted to be my friend but it was just a waste of time.

Two weeks later I went to church. I tried to forget about Emily but she just kept on coming to my mind. I felt bad but I knew that I had to move on. I just didn't know if I could trust a person again. Then I met Lily. She was so nice to me. She introduced me to Ashley and Chloe. They were so nice to me. I felt like the way I felt with Emily, but I didn’t know if I could trust her. I didn't want my feelings hurt again.

One day, I was outside the church. Then I bumped into someone and tripped over someone’s shoe and I fell down. I scraped my knee. Ashley and Chloe were the first people to stand up and help me. They took me to their mom. Their mom was a nurse, so she helped me. Chloe’s mother cleaned with cotton balls and put a Band-Aid. We became friends. I still have the scar on my knee. Every time I look at it, I remember Ashley and Chloe.

Ashley is really positive and funny. She makes me laugh. Chloe is really helpful and we have a lot of stuff in common. We both like pop music. We all do art. They invite me to their house sometimes to do some art. I want to tell people who are coming to America like me not to give up on finding a friend. Some people might not want to be your friend, but just don't give up. Keep trying. There will always be a person in the world, who wants to be friends with you.

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