Imagine that you are sleeping in your house in apartment and the building fall down. Do you fall about your family? Are you worried? Are you hurt? Is it a hard time for you? I left Afghanistan with my family on 2/4/2014 and it was a hard time for me because I left everything. I decided when I finish my education and become an engineer I will go back to my country because engineers in Afghanistan are not educated so the buildings fall in earthquakes.

When I left my country I left everything from our house, family, friends. All of my family cried because I had left Afghanistan. My grandmother especially cried, and I felt like I was dying. She cried like that because I was the youngest person in our family and when she needed something she would call to me “Shaheen, bring this or that for me.” I think she believed  that I was a unique person for her. When I left my country it was a hard time for me because I left everything like death. Also it was a bad situation and I had to left my country because everything bad happened such as earthquakes killed people especially fall of buildings was a crazy thing that happened in my country.

But I decided when I finish my education and become an engineer, I will go back to Afghanistan because in my country there are no professional engineers who know how to build strong buildings. The problem is when an earthquake comes, buildings fall and people die. So I want to become a structural engineer because in Afghanistan engineers not educated and they don't know about the rules of making a building, and I want to teach them how to use the rules. I saw an earthquake that happened in my country. Buildings fell down and killed lots of people. It was a bad day in my country because many people lost their children under the buildings and many childrens lost their parents under the buildings. It was looked like doomsday. About 200 people death under the buildings. People cried and yelled. Itlooked like they left everything. It made me sad and I felt like I am a stone because I couldn't do anything for them. I promised to myself that next time I should prevent these kinds of dangers that kill people. So I will become a structural engineer in America and I will be qualified to teach engineering in Afghanistan. Also, I will work in America in structural engineer to get experience.

In conclusion because of these things that happened to people in my country I have decided that I will finish my education and become an engineer. I will go back to my country and teach the rule of engineering. The buildings will be better and maybe next time when earthquakes happen the buildings will be strong and will not fall down. This significant experience will help me to remember what happened in my past, and what I should do to walk through “door of opportunities”.

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