After-School Program Coordinator at SF International High School

Ricardo joined RT in October 2018 as the After-School Program Coordinator at San Francisco International High School. He was born in the United States but was raised in a bilingual household from parents who immigrated from Mexico. He speaks both Spanish and English fluently. As the After-School Program Coordinator, he oversees the after-school tutoring program, provides push-in support for students and teachers and helps organize special events held in school. Prior to joining RT, Ricardo’s passion for empowering and being an advocate for communities least represented in higher education encouraged him to be an active leader in his alma mater, he became the president of his institution Latinx organization, worked with his school admissions process to develop ways to increase the diverse population of applicants, as well as worked closely with the recruitment of school faculty and staff that represented a more diverse pool of candidates for the school. Ricardo received his B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Anthropology from Lawrence University.  He received the Summer Search Youth Leadership award in 2014 and the John R. Stoner Scholarship for students of diverse change.

AuthorAndrew Bogrand