Coordinator of Volunteers and Academic Support Programs

Xavier Meza joined Refugee Transitions in 2016 as the Coordinator of Volunteers and Academic Support Programs at Oakland International High School. Xavier is a lifelong advocate for empowering immigrant students in secondary and post-secondary education. As a community college student, Xavier was elected to represent 14 community colleges in Southern California by the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC). He lobbied for immigrant rights, affordable education, and increased accessibility to mental health services. More recently, Xavier was an Instructional Assistant at Oakland International High School, where he mentored, tutored, and taught recently arrived refugee and asylee students. Xavier graduated from UC Berkeley, where as an Interdisciplinary Studies major he studied Mathematics, Education, and Sociology. In his spare time, Xavier enjoys listening to music from around the world, and is an avid Iranian daf drummer.

AuthorAndrew Bogrand