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Kindly note that RT is not currently recruiting volunteers for this program.

Geographic Area: Oakland

Students: Moms and Tots

Location: Classroom

Participate in our Women's Initiative, working as a classroom assistant for newcomer moms in our English language classes, or caring for preschool-age children in our early childhood development program. Read more about the Women's Initiative here

+ What is the time commitment?

At least 50 hours total; 1x or 2x a week (~2.5 hours per class). Classes are offered weekday mornings. Monday through Friday, between 9 am and 1:30 pm.

+ What are the classroom responsibilities?

Working in small groups with low/high level students, modeling class work, assisting teacher with tasks around the classroom, watching over and caring for the children. The English class is taught by an RT staff teacher (volunteers act as assistants and are not required to create lesson plans.)

+ What are the requirements?

  • No skills required.
  • Orientation, training, and background check required.
  • Cultural sensitivity/humility; respect for students' boundaries and personal space; patience; and commitment.

+ Where does the class take place?

San Antonio neighborhood in Oakland.

+ How to apply

-Please complete our online application HERE -Attend an RT Orientation and a Training -Attend an interview with an RT staff member -Complete background check (Livescan fingerprinting)

AuthorAndrew Bogrand