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As of 01/30/2017, Refugee Transitions has received a record number of volunteers to participate in our home-based and after-school programs. We are tremendously grateful to all who have applied to volunteer with us and make an impact in our shared communities! We have held many volunteer orientations and trainings recently, and we will hold off onboarding new volunteers for the next several months. 

If you are interested in making an immediate impact, please consider a donation to Refugee Transitions. Our staff is working at maximum capacity to onboard volunteers right now, and your support would help us increase staff capacity to train more volunteers and serve more students. In addition, we are involving youth and adult community leaders in our programs. Because of the substantial impact these leaders make as interpreters, cultural ambassadors, and peer tutors, they receive much-deserved stipends and gain skills that benefit not only themselves, but also their families and communities. You can take action to support newcomer families today--click the button below to donate!

Please click here to find out how you can help refugees and immigrants today! 

It goes without saying that we're mobilizing fast and working around the clock to assemble critical information to inform and help RT families. We're getting enormous support from volunteers, community leaders,  and RT friends to help us do this. 

Thank you for joining us! 



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  • I understand that the agency has to take the best interests of its clients into consideration first. In order to assure their
    safety and protection, it is the policy of Refugee Transitions to conduct criminal background checks on our volunteers.
  • I authorize Refugee Transitions to conduct a background check on myself and I will submit the required fingerprints upon
    request by Refugee Transitions staff.
  • I understand that Refugee Transitions' volunteers who tutor at school sites need to comply with school district policies and
    complete a tuberculosis screen.

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