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volunteer spotlight

"I love volunteering at SFIHS because it’s such a great group of kids."
- Lauren Nazario, RT Volunteer

Lauren is an after-school tutor at San Francisco International High School (SFIHS) and is always an enthusiastic and positive presence in the tutoring room. Thanks Lauren for being an exemplary volunteer!

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We are excited to introduce Between Meals, an innovative story-based cookbook that includes recipes and stories from our students at Refugee Transitions!  

"Caregivers and cooks:" sharing women's journeys

As an innovative narrative cookbook, Between Meals shares the journeys of newly-arrived refugee and immigrant women and explores how they have nourished their families in the US.

Refugee Transitions is committed to empowering the most isolated members of our community. Within refugee communities women are often tasked with caring for the home and family, making language acquisition and cultural integration more challenging.  RT started as the Refugee Women's Program to counter some of these trends.  In line with our own mission and history, we hope this cookbook project sheds light on refugee women's histories, struggles, and accomplishments by affirming their importance, relevance, and expertise as caregivers and cooks.

This story-based cookbook documents the traditional recipes of refugee women and features corresponding biographies and cultural foodways (practices relating to the production and consumption of food).  The project also explores the challenges refugees face in adapting their food cultures to their new communities while simultaneously helping preserve endangered cultural knowledge from their home countries.

The people behind the project

Refugee Transitions worked with community volunteer Lauren Markham and professional food stylist/specialist Dani Fisher, along with our "Humanities Advisor", the award winning chef and food activist Bryant Terry.
The real stars of this project, however, are our incredible students and their volunteer tutors!


This project was made possible with support from Cal Humanities, an indepedent non-profit state partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities.  For more information, visit www.calhum.org.  Any views, findings, conclusions, or reccomendations expressed on this webpage do not necessarily represent those of Cal Humanities or the National Endowment for the Humanities.