Between Meals Cookbook by Dani Fisher and Lauren Markham

Read some sample recipe-stories from the Between Meals cookbook, a project of Refugee Transitions. Purchase your copy here! 

Malawah: A Sweet Flatbread from Somalia

"We ate malawah every morning in Dadaab," says Halimo, as she stirs floor and sugar in her sunlit East Oakland kitchen. Dadaab, the largest refugee camp in the world and home to over two hundred thousand Somali refugees like Halimo, is where she lived for 21 years before resettling to Oakland in 2011 with her three daughters. 

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Kaw Swep Yo: Coconut Chicken Soup from Karen State, Burma

Naw Htoo ran a stand in the center of the Mae La refugee camp in Thailand, where she sold meals to other refugees and aid workers. With a small charcoal stove beneath a shaded booth, Naw Htoo cooked for dozens of people every day--and then went home to feed her family. "A lot of people really loved her food," says her 21-year-old daughter, Cho Mai. Naw Htoo's kaw swep yo was particularly popular. 

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Goat Curry from Bhutan/Nepal

To find Devi's apartment among the labyrinth of buildings off Coolidge Avenue in East Oakland, it's best to just close your eyes and follow your nose, as smells of caramelized onions mixing with meat and turmeric beckon from the second floor. Inside, a Bollywood movie sings from the television, and Devi chops garlic to make goat curry--one of her family's treasured dishes and a favorite of her volunteer tutor, Lupe. 

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