Our students come to the U.S. with multiple skills and a wealth of diverse knowledge and experience. Many are multilingual and multicultural. However, all of our students are new to the English language, and many have had limited or no formal education. Refugee & Immigrant Transitions programs help newcomers graduate from high school, improve their English skills, enroll in post-secondary education, and get on the pathway to higher-level employment opportunities and citizenship.

From July 2018 to June 2019 (FY2018-2019):

With a budget of $1,407,987, we are proud to have achieved the following outcomes:

Students served:


Hours of Service Received:


Student Countries of Origin:


Top countries: Afghanistan, Burma, China, El Salvador, Eritrea, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Yemen

Youth Outcomes


At Least 80% Graduate High School Each Year


Despite the immense challenges they have experienced, at least 80% of high school seniors who had consistently attended our academic programs succeed in graduating high school each year. Their graduation rate surpasses that of English learners in the state of California (In 2018: 86% for RIT and 68% for California English learners).


100% of Youth Leaders Enter College


We find that RIT’s youth leadership program helps participants build confidence and “dream big.” 100% of youth leaders who participated in our program in 2017-2019, enrolled in college. They were accepted to excellent institutions, including UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and SF State University.

Adult Outcomes


English Gains Outperform State Goals & Averages


62% of RIT’s Vocational English class students made significant progress in English*, as measured by standardized testing used nationwide (CASAS). This outperforms California state goals (56-59%) set for nonprofits, adult schools, and community colleges.
**Moved up from one English level to the next. Levels according to the National Reporting System for Adult Education.


87% Make Skill Gains


83% of the students tested passed RIT’s self-efficacy assessments. Those tests, administered in English, measure gains in skills and knowledge needed to successfully navigate systems in the U.S., such as job seeking skills.

Reaching 2,365 Youth & Adults with Our Programs:



-Home-based Tutoring:
143 youth & 154 adults

-School-based Programs:
956 youth

-Adult Classes:
400 adults
(+109 tots in the Women’s Initiative)

-Summer Camps:
86 youth

-Oakland Unified School District
Partnership for Mam Speakers*:
191 youth


Family Engagement

-One-on-one social adjustment
case management:
324 newcomers

-Wellness workshops and support groups:
85 newcomers

-Family-friendly events & field trips: 471 students and family members

classroom assistance

Community Leadership

20 newcomer adults and youth partnered with RIT as Community Leaders, acting as interpreters, liaisons, and cultural ambassadors between RIT and their communities. 

*191 Mam-speaking Guatemalan youth received interpretation and navigation support through a partnership with Oakland Unified School District. The growing population of Mam speakers did not previously have translation support in the school district.

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