Our services are unique and effective: both our youth and adult students beat California state averages for staying in school and progressing in English. Our volunteers are creating change by helping newcomers learn English, build their skills, graduate high school, and navigate their new communities. The success of our services lies in our collaborative approach: our staff and volunteers encourage parents, teachers, and school officials to work together to support our students.

Youth Impact

Over the last ten years, Refugee Transitions volunteers have devoted over 80,000 hours to tutoring and mentoring youth newcomers. Refugee Transitions' youth students are more likely than other English learners to stay in school, graduate from high school, and enroll in higher education programs. The high-school graduation rate for our home-based (the highest-need) and after-school students surpasses the graduation rates for English learners in the state of California, the counties in which RT operates, and the school districts where RT runs school-based programs. 

Adult Impact

Our adult students earn post-test scores that exceed California Department of Education performance averages and goals. In addition, 88%-90% adult students who take performance-based assessments, pass. These assessments, conducted by RT in English, measure gains in our adult students' knowledge of life skills needed to become self-sufficient in their new communities. Emphasis on real-life learning contexts (including areas such as employment and citizenship) is a basis of RT's English instruction. Helping adults improve their language skills is critical to ensure that they are on track for job certification and training programs, engaged in their children’s education, and on the path to self-sufficiency.  

RT Annual Reports

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