Our services are unique and effective: both our youth and adult students surpass California state averages for staying in school and progressing in English. Our volunteers are creating change by helping newcomers learn English, build their skills, graduate high school, and navigate their new communities. The success of our services lies in our collaborative approach: our staff and volunteers work with parents, teachers, and school officials to support our students.

Youth Impact

Refugee Transitions youth outperform peers and go to college: 

  • Our San Francisco and Oakland students' high school graduation rates are 13% and 18% higher than those of English learners in their respective school districts. 
  • Our Bay Area high school graduation rate is 82%, surpassing the California state graduation rate for English learners by 10%.
  • Close to 100% of our youth leaders continue their education in college.

Adult Impact

Refugee Transitions' English language instruction is based on real-life learning contexts, including employment and citizenship. Helping adults improve their language skills is critical to ensure that they are on track for job certification and training programs; participating in their children's education; and on a path to self-sufficiency. 

Refugee Transitions adults outperform state goals: 

  • English gains for low beginning level adult students outperform state goals by 22% (85% students made language gains, compared to the California state goal of 63%). RT tests students using CASAS—the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System; required by the California Department of Education for WIOA Title II: Adult Education and Literacy grantees.

Refugee Transitions adults gain confidence, life skills, and use English to help other newcomers: 

  • After a semester of RT services, RT students are more likely to report confidence using English (34% higher average self-rating compared to enrollment), ability to speak with teachers in English (+56%), and ability to read instructions to medication (+29). In addition, 42% more students report using English to help other newcomers.
  • 88% students tested pass RT’s life skills assessments. These assessments, conducted by RT in English, measure gains in knowledge needed to gain self-sufficiency in the U.S. Life skills include communication with the school system, filling in forms in English, preparation for a job interview, making a doctor's appointment, speaking with a doctor/describing ailments, worker's rights, inquiring about housing. 

Service Numbers FY 2016-2017

- 194 youth and 151 adults received home-based tutoring; 
- 926 youth participated in school-based programs; 
- 526 adults attended English classes (including Vocational English and parent/tot classes); 
- 76 youth took part in summer camps. 

Family Engagement: 
- 504 students and family members attended family-friendly events and field trips; 
- 349 clients received family support/social adjustment services. 

Community Leadership: 
- 36 adults and youth worked as Community Leaders, acting as interpreters, liaisons, and cultural ambassadors between RT and their communities. 

RT Annual Reports

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