Refugee & Immigrant Transitions is seeking volunteers for our Education programs: Home-based Tutoring (for working with newcomer students of all ages), School-based Programs (high school students), and Women’s Initiative (adult students). Join us to help our new neighbors acquire crucial English skills, catch up on academics, and learn to navigate their new lives in the U.S.

We are committed to providing a transformative, cross-cultural experience for students and volunteers alike. We will support you with trainings, curriculum, resources, and more. Join us and change someone’s world. Your world might change, too.

RIT’s home-based tutoring program has not only helped my student become more confident in speaking English in school, but has allowed me to gain valuable teaching experience while forging a life-long friendship.
— Brendan, RIT Home-based Volunteer Tutor

Quick facts:

• RIT volunteering is long-term: minimum of 6 months or a school semester. We strive to build deep cross-cultural relationships in which students and volunteers can meaningfully share in each other’s journeys.
• All volunteers must be 18+. 
• Only able to volunteer evenings and weekends? Home-based tutoring is your best option. Other programs operate on weekday mornings and afternoons.
• No experience or knowledge of other languages is necessary. 
• Onboarding process is mandatory for all volunteers, and includes an orientation (online or in-person), training (in-person), one-on-one interview with a staff member, and background check.
• How to apply: please click on the images below to read about our volunteer programs, and submit a volunteer application.

Who is the ideal RIT Volunteer?

  • Shares our commitment to seeing newcomers thrive.

  • Is patient, flexible, culturally sensitive, and dedicated to our community.

  • Has an interest in tutoring.

  • Wants to learn about our students.

  • Would like to improve their teaching, advocacy, and mentoring skills.

Why volunteer with RIT?

  • Build a meaningful cross-cultural relationship and get exposed to new knowledge and perspectives.

  • Make an immediate and direct impact in your community.

  • Develop your skill set, including your ability to teach English.

  • Receive training, curriculum, resources, and professional support from our team of dedicated staff.

  • Meet new people through RIT’s community gatherings such as field trips and events.

  • It's rewarding, needed, and fun!

I am constantly inspired by my students’ courage, determination, and hope for a better future. Their presence here gives me hope for all of us.
— Ann, RIT Home-based Volunteer Tutor & Classroom Assistant


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