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Geographic Areas: San Francisco, East Bay, South Bay

Students: Youth and Adults (all ages)

Location: Students' homes or community sites

+ What is the time commitment?

6 months for tutoring adults and 9 months for tutoring youth. Tutors meet with students for 2-4 hours every week.

+ Is there a set schedule for home-based tutors? Can I tutor evenings or weekends?

There is no set schedule. Tutors and students meet at the time that is most convenient for both parties, which makes this program perfect for those who would like to volunteer evenings and weekends. Even if you have a busy schedule, as long as you meet the minimum commitments, you can make a difference.

+ Does tutoring need to take place at the student's home?

While we encourage our volunteers to break down cultural barriers and reach students in their home and local community, you are welcome to meet at a library or another public space if it works for your student.

+ Can I work with a student from a specific country, age group, etc.?

Yes--our volunteer application has areas where you can state your preferences. We will do our best to take these into consideration, but our first priority is serving the students most in need on our waitlist.

+ Do home-based tutors need to report back to RT about their work?

Yes. Home-based tutors fill in short monthly progress logs to update RT about their work. Knowing how tutoring is going is crucial for the continued funding of this program.

+ Requirements

• Cultural sensitivity/humility; respects for students' boundaries and personal space. • No proselytization or solicitation allowed.

+ How to apply

-Please complete our online application HERE -Attend an RT Orientation and Training -Attend an interview with an RT staff member -Complete background check (Livescan fingerprinting) -Meet with your student

AuthorAndrew Bogrand