July 19, 2019 - Refugee program shutdown?

According to Politico, the Trump Administration is reportedly considering the most severe cuts yet to the U.S. refugee program. At a key meeting last week, officials floated numbers ranging from ZERO to 10,000 admissions for the next fiscal year. That would spell a virtual shutdown of the refugee program, which has saved millions of lives since its establishment in 1980. Cutting admissions would also imperil our country's future capacity to resettle people seeking refuge.

The Trump Administration has already made serious blows to the refugee program by setting historically low resettlement caps each year, and failing to meet even those numbers. At the same time, it is making moves to decimate the asylum program--another lifeline for "the huddled masses yearning to breathe free." These programs are testament to the most cherished American values of hospitality and freedom.

Join us in calling elected Senators and Representatives and demanding they ACT NOW to increase refugee admissions and fight the asylum ban.

Update: Here are some useful scripts:

AuthorAndrew Bogrand
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